Custom Order : The Dog Tag

Some weeks ago, i was asked to do a custom art work, well there was this story of a superhero inside the mail but i didn’t found the picture attached to the mail.
So i did re-read the mail and found out that the picture was an item the superhero always wear, so it was impossible to get a picture of it : A Dogtag

dogtag ww2 era military id
WW2 Dog Tag

What is a DogTag ?

Used for dog purpose, this item became famous during the world wars, specially during the second one : the dog tag was attached around the neck of soldiers, and was used for body recognition after fights, each tag is stamped with the name, date of birth, religion and blood group of the soldier.
So the purpose of the drawing was an item from the second world war, and i’ve been looking for some pictures into draw it correctly.


love forever drawing funny pagazine biographical portrait
Love Forever

Meaning Love Forever.

So this dog Tag has a story, a story about love between a young boy leaving his wife during the world war. This boy was wearing this dog tag and was really in love with his wife during all his lifetime, a kind of unbreakable love trapped into the metal making it a powerfull amulet


lost soul broken life drawing cop super hero
Lost Soul

The lost soul.

This dogtag is now property of his grand son, who also have a story. A story of supercop, patrolling on his motorcycle an casualy working as a sniper for the S.W.A.T.
During a SWAT operation he felt down and get injured, meaning he wasn’t able to ride again a motorcycle.
Cop in his mind but no more in the action, he became a lost soul. The dogtag  gave him the will to overcome this accident and to find a way to continue to be a cop.He is now a firearms instructor for the police academy and an inspiring mentor for his students.

And now, the Dog tag portrait finished, hanged on the wall of the superhero.

commissioned portrait dog tag ww2 biographical portrait
Dogtag picture finished


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Portraits explained

I’ve set up a new blog dedicated to the biographical portraits, with explanations of the little drawings, funny stories i’ve put inside and things i’ve discovered when doing the portrait.

The articles can be found on the right side of the website and with full text and image at the following address :

Well, finally, i ‘ll transfer all tha biographical portraits explanation on this website as the parralel website created has absolutely zero visibility on the web !

Keep coming here, articles will come along !

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Art commission : Egon schiele

Egon Schiele

Anna was surfing on the internet and put a bid on an auction site on biographical portraits. She asked me then if i could do a special art work about an artist she is working on : Egon Schiele.

So i discovered this austrian Artist whith the help of anna who gave me a detailed biography about him and the highlights of his life. A good occasion for me to work on new pictures elements and get some intensive courses of Austrian Art History.

This is the portrait of a genius, just like Klimt but who died too early. Thanks to Anna again, a happy Art Collector.


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En Showroom chez un collectionneur

J’ai eu un agréable mail ce matin de la part d’un de mes collectionneur (eh oui, c’est le nom que je donne à toutes les personnes qui m’ont acheté une œuvre).

Denis F. est invité au salon des Hivernales cet automne en tant que Collectionneur et il m’a indiqué qu’un de mes portraits serait en exposition dans son “Salon” reconstitué à l’intérieur du Showroom.

Au programme, il a prévu d’exposer un portrait de Jim Morrisson, dont voici le portrait traduit et expliqué.

Étant donné que je n’ai aucun représentant à Paris, j’invite toutes les personnes qui souhaitent me contacter à le faire directement sans intermédiaire : je réponds aux emails et je trouve toujours un peu de temps pour communiquer !

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Framing pictures from an art collector

Will wonka

Hi had recent news from Brian, who ask me for a special portrait of willy wonka. He finally framed the portrait and here are the first pictures !

The frame has a story and it is linked to the charlie and the chocolate factory story, including a gold inlet between the picture and picture mat to remind the golden ticket.

The Frame is also reminding a chocolate cake topping with this doodle line on it (it reminds the picture technique as well, yes !)

Thanks to Brian again, a happy art collector who got a biographical painting on his wall of his office in Beverly Hills.

framed picture detail 1
willy wonka framed picture detail 2


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Questions from an Art essayist

Jimi Hendrix

Here is a mail i recently received in my mailbox. I would like to share with you theses questions and my answers as you may be interrested to see what happens behind the scene.


Hey pierre, i am doing an art essay and i would like if you could please help me by answering a few questions on one of your portrait drawings

- How was your artwork made/constructed? (materials, techniques and processes)
- What is the mood of the artwork?
These few answers I have no idea either, if you could answer these too or give me a couple of hints that would be great.
- What idea/theme do you think the artist is exploring?
- What influences may have affected the artists? (political, social, historical, religious, cultural)
Thankyou so much
sharnice poulson
Well Sharnice, i’ll try to answer all your questions ! So let’s start with the first thing :

The artwork construction

1 – Get the picture

Once i got the name of the personnality i want to draw, the first step is to crawl the web to get a picture. the picture selection process have been modified all along theses years.
During the early years, i was selecting the very famous pictures instantly recognisable, as i was working in public space, i needed a picture instantly recognisable from the distance when people were walking by.
I used to select rarest portrait but the majority of the audience wasn’t guessing well the portrait
More recently, i have been hunting for very rare pictures, into please the fan audience, thoses rare cliches giving the best rendering in black and white.I tend to get pictures from video now, extracting theses from movies, youtube post etc, i got some specials rare pictures.

2 – Creation of the mask

The technic i use is a mask giving me the areas to be drawn and those to be in white, many people think i can draw a portrait directly from a white sheet of paper. I could say this could be possible but with lot of training and only for few portraits, it could be great vor a video event but is much more close to a magic trick than art.
So this mask is made from a processed photography, i’ve done on my computer ( no magic button), then i use this mask with a backlight table (custom made from a champagne crate). I used to cut out the mask with scissors but i only do that now for picture on canvas or board.
I have been focusing a lot on the technic at first, now i’m working less on it and more on the soul of the picture, where the art is.

3 – The creation process

The creation process start first with browsing the internet to get written notes about the personnality, this is what i want to tell to thoses who look at the portrait. I do a translation ofrom words to pictures and stories to make the picture understandable to anyone, have a great sense of detail if needed (jimi plays a fender stratocaster, so the picture has the shape of a stratocaster ), i could put the accent on some events that change the life of the personnality, put the events that made them famous, etc…

- What idea/theme do you think the artist is exploring?

Jimi Hendrix is kwnown as the master of the guitar electric, what did he do exactly to achieve this rank, why do every guitar player claim he is the one who inspire them.

When reading and agregating the life of jimi hendrix, the first thing coming to me was the link between him and his guitar, it’s not just music it’s a passion like if this guitar was his muse.

I’ve drawn jimi playing in the toilet, to say that all the time he had during the day was dedicated to play his guitar. This guitar which got a special story as it was a right handed guitar with reversed chords to be played by a left handed player (the artist adapt the instrument to the way he his playing, not the opposite as it’s done in the classical way to play music). The portrait his also a presentation of a self taught musician, driven by passion, always creating strange soundss and pushing the guitar science forward. (he did control the larsen effect and made this imitation of falling bomb during the woodstock festival).

Jimi was a sound explorator, not prepared for success, ready to live his life in the fast lane, he represent an musician icon without any preconception of what to do and not to do.  He was playing music, prefering to break his leg (simulation?) during a parachute drop and not to go to war.

- What influences may have affected the artists? (political, social, historical, religious, cultural)

Jimi was from a poor background, without strong family life,  used to cope things by himself as most of the selftaught people do.

He had a very bad nature, specially when he was playing guitar in a band : impossible to stop in his solo, very few concern about the band mates, almost impossible to bring a correct sound to the audience during a concert as the sound was too much ditorded and saturated, etc…. When playing, he was on an other planet especially when he was using drugs.

His relation to money did affect him very much, always looking for it when young, he did stole cars as well, all this money coming, bringing him to a stage where nobody could tell him anything or change destructive behaviour. (the death his strolling inside the picture, between mushrooms pills and booze bootles).

Dying at the age of 27 made him enter the club of the 27′, maybe one of the most famous to found this club. Live your life with intensity excess and passion.


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Thank You

read the above picture

It’s almost 2 years i started to sell on the internet and there’s something i would like to say to all my art collectors :

Thank You !

I’m currently listing all of you, from ebay, AlittleMarket, Dawanda, Etsy, thoses who came directly to my mailbox to ask for a special portrait or commission, thoses i met in the streets (Dublin and barcelona). It’s quiet a long list by now and i would like to say thank you to all of you for supporting an emerging artist !

It will take a little bit of my time to refresh this list and update it. I will also use a mailing program to send you a special mail including a discount for all of you. I will also use this program with lot of care as i don’t like to receive spam myself, so just some mails from time to time with major news inside. For the day to day stories, you can follow me on…  Receive Pagazine news by Email

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Shipping Worldwide…1.

correos shipping box

It’s been 2 years i started to ship my pictures, and i still have new buyer from foreign countries buying my art. This week, i’ve shipped a picture to Finland, Turkey and Chili.

Well i’ve done a map of the countries i’ve allready shipped parcels and i’ve colored itaccording to the shipping time it take. theses time are during all the year, except the two weeks before christmas and natural disaster.

So here is the worldmap, as you can see, the european part is weel deserved, the north america and australia as well. My first shipped parcel to south america was last monday (a jacques-yves cousteau enthousiast), Japan was reached earlier this year (a fan of the A-team).

As a reminder, the parcel are sent the day of the purchase (if done before  midday) or the day after, then the picture give you the average time it takes to reach your location.

Where i've allready shipped my art and the time it takes to arrive.



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For a charlie and the chocolate factory fan !

Gene Wilder as willy wonka

Brian is an absolute fan of charlie and the chocolate factory and wanted something special from me, a very unique picture of Willy wonka. Not the last version of tim burton but from the first picture of 1971 whith Gene Wilder.

As he wanted to frame it, we decided the size of the final picture and Brian also helped me with all the little things he wanted to see inside the picture, including the following :

(his mom, and the 4 grandparents who all just lay in one bed together), how each of the kids (other than Charlie of course) gets removed (Augustus in the chocolate river, Veruka by falling down the trash chute after being in the room with the giant geese that lay giant chocolate golden eggs, Mike TeeVee gets shrunk by the Wonka version of TV, Violet eats the Wonka gum and gets filled to become a giant blueberry) as well as the Wonka contract they all have to sign, the Wonka wallpaper that you lick and tastes like the fruits in the pictures, the Wonka boat, the evil Sluggworth, the Wonkamobile, the fizzy lifting drink room where Charlie and Grandpa Joe fly around (and eventually get in trouble), the everlasting gobstopper, and the Wonka elevator (at the end) as they fly over the city

And here is the result, after watching some parts of the movie with the help of youtube !

Brian is a happy man by now with his picture hanging on the wall of his office in Beverly Hills !

Gene wilder as WillY Wonka
Gene wilder as WillY Wonka

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Art competition : festa major de Sants

2009 winning entry


When you learn a new language, he radio programs are one of the most diccicult to understand until you reach a level you can grab some words, stories, etc… and that’s what happens next week when listening to Sants 3 radio, a local radio in catalan in Barcelona.

Between two music, i heard an anouncement about an art competition for the “Festa major” of the local area. (Festa major is a 7-10 days neighboorhood party during the hottest days of the summer, with lot of activities, concert, shows, street closed for party, castellers (human tower), correfoc (you had to do one in your life if you like fireworks), etc…

2012 winning entry

So i took my ink and start to design something about the festa major of the neighboorhood. As it’s a party picture, i have been looking for some ways to transform a black and white picture into fun and party mood.

I’ve been through some design and i finally found something that fit the subject, using big bold colored letters, fun typography (cheesberger its called) and tried to not make mistakes in the writings as it’s writen in catalan. The ultimate requirement was to print the lot and glue it to cardboard, into make it easy to manipulate by the jury.

my design !

So, i’ve jump on the occaion to try out my new printing machine, with color, and superB paper compliant.(the one i’m using to provide my big prints). for thoses who are curious to see what’s in the background of the picture , i’ve put a larger picture below.

i’ve submited my artwork this week and the result will be around middle june. I’ll keep you in touch then…

full view of my design

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