Captain Haddock !

Captain haddock is famous, famous for his temper and particularily his insults, wich are part of the “tintin” culture. Lots of absolute fans did count them and there are plenty of theses, so the idea was to make the haddock portrait using theses insults.

It was a very tremendeous journey, including the listing of the insults, reading the definition of the insults and sort theses which could be drawn and thoses impossible to picture !

The list was based on the original insults in the french version, here it is :

(Amphitryon, Analphabète, Anthropophage, Apache, Arlequin, Astronaute d’eau douce, Autocrates, Aztèques, Bachi-Bouzouks, Bande de Ku-Klux-Klans, Bande de rats, Bandit, Barbares, Boit-sans-soif, Brigand, Brontosaures, Bulldozer à réaction, Cachalot, Cannibale, Casse-pieds, Cataclysme, Cataplasme, Catastrophe, Cloportes, Coléoptères, Coloquintes, Cornemuses, Cornichon, Corsaire, Crétin des Alpes, Cyclone, Cyrano à 4 pattes, Diablesse, Diplodocus, Doryphores, Dynamiteur, Ectoplasmes, Esclavagiste, Gangsters, Gardes-côtes à la mie de pain, Gibier de potence, Grenouilles, Gros pleins-de-soupe, Gyroscope, Hérétique, Hydrocarbure, Invertébré, Ivrogne, Judas, Lépidoptères, Macaques, Macrocéphale, Mamelouk , Maraud, Marchands de tapis, Marins d’eau douce, Mégacycle, Mercenaires, Mille millions de mille sabords, Mitrailleur à bavette, Moujiks, Moules à gaufres, Mufles, Naufrageur, Négriers, Noix de coco, Ornithorynque, Oryctérope, Pantoufles, Patate, Perroquet bavard, Pirate, Poussières, Pyromane, Rats, Saltimbanques, Scolopendre, Scorpion, Serpent, Technocrate, Terroristes, Têtes de lard, Tonnerre de Brest, Topinambours, Traine-potence, Trompe-la-mort, Va-nu-pieds, Vampire, Vandale, Végétariens, Vermicelles, Vers de terre, Vipère, Zèbre, Zouave, Zoulous).

Abecedarians, Aborigine, Alcoholic, Anachronisms, Antediluvian, bulldozer, Anthropophagus, Autocrats, Aztecs.
Baboons, Bagpipers, Bandits, Bashi-bazouks, Bath-tub Admiral, Big-head, Black beetles ,Black ,Marketers, Brigands
Cannibals, Carpetsellers, Caterpillars, Centipede, Coconut, Colocynths, Corsair, Cro-Magnon,
Diplodocus, Doryphore, Dynamiter
Freshwater pirate
Gangsters, Gyroscope
Harlequin, Heretic, Hydrocarbon
Idiots, mitation Incas,
Macrocephalic baboon, Megacycle, Mameluke, Miserable, Miserable earth worms,guided missles, Moujiks,
Pirates, Pyromaniac
Savages, Scorpion, Slavertrader, Sparrows
Technocrat, typhoons
Vegetarian, Vermicellis, Viper,
Young monkey

i will let you follow the inside parts of the portraits to find all theses ! and here are few of theses f you can’t find any of them :

Prints of the portrait are available in 12″ x 12″ (30cm X 30cm), hand signed and numbered.

Get a print now !

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Reading a portrait. -Sting-

Following a comment from Hans, an Ebay enthusiast, i will show you how to read the “Sting” portrait, well know for his carrer within the band “Police”and his solo career.

Here we go :

Few songs we can find in the portrait :

* an englishman in New york, skycrapers / cup of Tea

* The shape of my Heart (drawing the boundaries of a heart)

*Fields of Gold (gold bar + fields of barley)

* the soul cage (capturing a ghost with a butterfly net)

* Russians (the hammer and sickle).

The Musician :

* On stage with the police

* his fender bass guitar

* Inviting somebody in the crowd to replace him on stage (something he udually do during tours)

* the “police” band on stage, and a police van beside.

The man :

* A britishman (the union jack flag)

* Member of the rainforest foundation, (helping preserve the amazonian forest).

* Supporting the Raoni Chief in Amazonia

* His Look in 2013, with a huge Beard

* A shooting scene of the Dune movie (including a sandworm)

* He is a great nature keeper. ( Gardening at home and planting trees)

* Keeping up his health balance with Running 8 miles a day. (running)

* With a troley, as he got 6 childrens.


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Easy to frame prints

I recently started a new format of pictures : pictures wich would be easy to frame and bigger than the 20 x 20cm format.

I’ve choosen the 30 x 30 cm format then because the frames and pictures matt are so easy to find and relatively cheap compare to a custom frame.

How simple is it to frame by yourself ?

Well, once you are in your ikea shop (any other shops are ok too), you try to go to the frame section and get the frame wich is 50 x 50cm, with a picture matt (29 x 29cm window cut out). There may be different colors and for white walls, i’ve decided to get the natural wood color ( black, yellow and brown available as well).

Once back to the studio, i’ve opened the frame, and put the picture on the matt, centered it and fix the two together using masking tape. (this is a tape wich is easyly removable without ripping off the paper).

I’ve put all the layers together and well, actually it’s working well, very well indeed.

Conclusion : It’s simple to frame, no extra cuts, no bad surprises. Just one thing : only 3 portraits available in this section, so don’t hesitate to ask me for a special portrait and i will populate it !

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Reading a portrait – The Boss

A new section of printed pictures is available now and this one is about Bruce Springsteen.

After doing it first in a 20 x 20 cm format, i’ve noticed than this guy was more than a singer, but the new icon of USA state of mind, proud of the good sides and admiting the bad sides as well.

I’ve choosen a picture of the 80′s, the one which symbolise springsteen at the top of his musical engagment, the one from the born in USA.

So this portrait is all about the US blue collars, the working men and women, american cars, proud to be american and of course the boss and his E-street band !

and now is the picture with subtitles.

The fans will understand most of the sign hidden in the pictures particularily theses :

  • the vietnam G.I turning back to his home country (the main story of the born to U.S.A song)
  • The long branch Dock is a place on the south of New york city where the boss grew up.
  • Clarence clemmons is the tall black guy playing saxophone in the Est Band (dead now)
  • Patti his the woman of the band and the spouse of the boss as well.
  • Bruce was inspired by elvis when a young boy, so you will find some “elvis” in the portrait.
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Reading a Portrait – John Lennon-

 Here is a new version of John Lennon, part of the new products avaialble this year : the 30 x 30cm prints easy to frame.

The size is bigger than the usual pictures and it allow me to expand some portraits and built in great stories. For this portrait, i’ve been using the movie “imagine”, biopic of john lennon wich include large amount of anecdotes and stories i could put in the portrait.

I’ve pick up few elements of the portrait and i’ll explain it to you :

John met yoko in an Art gallery during an exhibition.

extract from this article by

After being introduced to “the millionaire Beatle,” the woman handed him a little card that said simply, “Breathe.” John, although puzzled, responded politely with a quick pant. Next, his eyes settled on a ladder leading up to a canvas suspended from the ceiling, with a spyglass hanging from it on the end of a chain. Climbing to the top of the ladder, he looked through the spyglass to read a word printed in tiny letters.

“You’re on this ladder — you feel like a fool, you could fall any minute — and you look through it and it just says ‘YES,’ ” he told David Sheff in 1980. “Well, all the so-called avant-garde art at the time, and everything that was supposedly interesting, was all negative; this smash-the-piano-with-a-hammer, break-the-sculpture, boring, negative crap. It was all anti-, anti-, anti-. Anti-art, anti-establishment. And just that ‘YES’ made me stay in a gallery full of apples and nails, instead of just walking out saying, ‘I’m not gonna buy any of this crap.’”

Many others elements :

I’ve sum up the other elements with locating it directly on the picture, so for the fan, enjoy !!




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Happy new year 2013

Happy new Year 2013 !

The studio is open by now and plenty of new things for ths year :

New portraits, including full band sets (Queen is coming soon ), One of a kind objects, including a clock, music instruments, etc…  Special unique portraits from rare photography, new complimentary cards et oil paintings if i have enough time !



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studio holiday.

Time to cool down the indian ink : i’m on holiday.

The studio is closed for the winter holidays. I will be able to proceed to all your request after the 8th of January, until then i wish you all the best for this holidays season.


And recentarticles about the continuous line drawings on the and the and

With lots of comments saying that the drawings are not purely made from one single continuous line, well this is correct for the eyebrown and eyes, but sometimes, you have to concentrate more on the art than on the technique….







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Furiously Belgian

I recently receive a mail from this furious frenchman, explaining how bad was my transcription of the life of Claude Francois, the iconic singer.

I recently sell a picture of the icon to a belgian fan and it appears to be that she offers it to Claude francois’ son “Coco”.

Here is the mail of the cloclo fan :

“Bonjour, juste pour vous dire que j’ai offert le dessin de Claude François à son fils hier lors d’une séance de dédicaces…il a apprécié… a dit que c’était très original et très bien fait. Merci de m’avoir donné cette occasion de faire plaisir…. Cordialement

“Hi, just to say that iv’ve offered the drawing to Claude Francois’son yesterday during a signing session, he really appreciate it and said it was original and well done. Thanks you for giving me this change to please somebody…regards,


Well, i rather like the Claude francois belgian’s fans indeed !



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From a Kiss enthusiast !

This is a little mail i receive from a big “Kiss” fan, you know this 4 guys wearing platform boots, costumes, make up and playing loud rock’n Roll.

So José from Aragon (spain), wrote me this little mail after receiving his pack of  the 4 kiss guys. (if someone could translate me the content, as i’m not spanish fluent !).

here is the mail i received…

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Shipping Box Available !

correos box shipping pagazine one line drawingI was a t the post this week and saw somebody trying to fit his wardrobe into a post-office box, and few seconds later, i realized it wasa  white box with a line running all around. So theses are finally availalbe at the post office.


I’ve orderd all of them and get my stock (wich is allready plumetting) to provide a great packaging for special purchases. IT’s availalble for sale in my Etsy shop and all orders can be shipped within this box.

Theses are allready travelling in Spain and all around the World, so get one before they all sell out ….


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