Who are they ?

Collecting is about using visual art to explore feeling and emotions…..it’s about seeing feelings, making them visible to yourself and others.The collectors who really matter are not necessarily the very richest or even the ones with the most pieces…..They are those who encourage interest in the art they collect and share their treasures with the public. http://www.noviceartcollector.blogspot.com/

So here are my Art collectors !

Most of them are collecting art because they like the pieces thay have purchased, others have bought them as an investment. But in any cases, they are treasuring what i’ve painted and they are thoses who have supported me all theses years.

I’ve meet them into the streets, into the pubs, at an opening of Art show, through internet and selling sites, etc…


Advantages to be one of my Art collector.

* Well at first, i will always propose you the best prices if you would like to buy another picture with a roange of 10-20% Discount.

* You will be invinted to the openings of my show ! And will receive an invitation card or mail depending on the show.

* The pictures you have bought have a rising price. Keep them safe, treasure them, they will be worth more money with the time.

* Get free gifts from time to time. If i get free coupons, extra invitations to shows, compliment gifts to give away, you will be automaticaly on the lucky list !

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