SketchBooks [2007-2009]

During travel, i sometimes keep a trace of the mood of the city into my sketchbooks. I’m using the sketches later for my Oil Paintings. Theses are not for sale.

Ottawa, Canada :

Short break in Canada where i have been sketching the city. It happens in november, the weather was quiet cold and the outdoor work wasn’t that easy. The selection of work is based on razing winter light throughout the streets of the capital and an extensive research and art creation about the north American aboriginal Art.


San Fransisco Downtown :

5 days in San Fransisco for sketching and getting the essence of this city. I wander in the streets with my sketching books and a digital audio pocket recorder.



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  1. Kim Dagenais dit :

    Hello Pierre

    I stumbled upon your one line portraits of many different famous people on EBay. Wow I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by your original works of art. I decided to check out your website and explore more, and I am so amaze by all the different mediums you use, and collections.

    I was really surprise when I stumbled across your sketches of downtown Ottawa in the month of November. I live across the river from Ottawa in Gatineau Quebec right now, but I did live with my parents in Ottawa as well. The time of the year when you did your sketches in Ottawa was in the month of November which is fast approaching and is definitely starting to feeling like winter already. I love the sketches you drew on the canal area with the Chateau Laurier in the background. Also I visited San Francisco in 2000 in the month of October. I went to the Fisher’s Wharf, and to Alcatraz, which was bitterly cold that day. I went over the Golden Gate Bridge many times during my short visit there, and of course China Town. Your sketches are beautiful, and they just make me remember my trip. I have to say I haven’t been to most of Europe like you have, but I have been to many places you probably haven’t traveled to.

    I have to say I am a fan of your work after today. I am hoping to acquire some of your works of art in the near future, and will most likely want more. I can’t wait to show off your work, and look forward to everything new that you do.

    Take care Pierre Emmanuel

    Thank you kindly for sharing

    Kim Dagenais

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