Portraits [2011 - 2014]

Take a closer look to the portrait and follow the line…. then you will start to see objects, shapes, stories and many others particularities linked to the Soul of the personnality.

  • Hand made drawings are available for purchase .
    • Indian Ink on Art paper (350g)
    • 20 x 20 cm (8 in X 8in)
    • Handmade with love.
    • Top packaging and Fast delivery
  • Giclée Prints are also available at a most affordable price (titled, timestamped and handsigned by the artist).
    • Giclée Print on 190g paper. (High Definition print with high quality Ink)
    • 20 x 20 cm (approx 8 in X 8in)
    • Limited prints, Hand signed and numbered by the Artist.
    • Top packaging and Fast delivery


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