One Line [2010]

This serie started in 2010 with exploring the possibilities of doing art with very few materials. I started at first with a chalk in the streets of Dublin, then transpose it to canvas with indian ink. The first big size portraits have been done as painting performances in the street of Dublin, making them very unique and full of stories.

All theses Originals pictures are available for purchase.

    • Unique pieces of Art.
    • Price and size available when clicking on it.
    • Top packaging and Fast delivery all around the World.
    • Mail me now to reserve your picture and i’ll propose you a secure payment and a discount if you allready purchased one of my art.
    • Buy now !


actor-seat.jpgfourmi.jpgoiseau-sur-la-branche.jpgtree.jpgcandle.jpgbell.jpgcactus1-1200.jpgYing.jpgYang.jpgtriskel-1200.jpgmain-1200.jpgpied-1200.jpgpoignee-main.jpgane-catalan.jpglezard.jpgelephant-1200.jpgau-fond-du-trou.jpgcroix-basque-1200.jpgskater-1.jpgwrapped-gift.jpgshakin'.JPGknotwork.JPGirish-mythology.jpgbouncy castle.jpggreen hand.jpgirish mythology 2.jpgjungle.jpgpuffin.jpgsmall green.jpgsmall orange.jpgsmall red.jpgsport.jpgweightlessness.jpgnuclear-power.jpgvitamin-C.jpgguiness.jpgsting-poster.jpgfreddy-mercury-a3-painting.jpgSalvador-Dali-poster-1200.jpggausi-1200.jpgshakira-1200.jpgBono.jpgElvis-Presley.jpgFrancis-Bacon.jpgJedward.jpgLeonard-Cohen.jpgmarylin-monroe.jpgphil-lynott.jpgThe-edge.jpgLady Gaga.jpgTom waits.jpgmarylin.jpgphil lynott.jpgrafael nadal.jpgbrian-kennedy650.jpg

One Response to One Line [2010]

  1. Michael Biel dit :

    Excitingly unique!

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