Chalk on Pavement [2010]

My “Chalk on pavement” crusade started in 2010 after months of plein-air work whith trveling with all my oil stuff and canvas in the wind. I decided then this time to go with something very light : a chalk.
So here are some pictures of what you can do with one chalk….

All theses Originals pictures are not available for purchase and are all disolve by rain by now !

<strong>Chalk Spread</strong>
One of the first.


<strong>Mad Park</strong>
The users paid for this car Park but the outline wasn’t even done.


<strong>On the Clontarf Walk</strong>
One pix, one Idea.


<strong>St Patrick life</strong>
This one was done early morning the day of St Patrick….


<strong>OScar Wilde</strong>
A first try of portrait on pavement. This one was oversized unfortunately.


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