Acrylics [2008- 2009]

Theses pictures have been mostly achieved in public spaces as public performances. I’ve been using very basic material (a palette knife and a brush) and very few colors to achive theses. The performances stories could be found in my blog.

All theses Originals pictures are available for purchase.

    • Unique pieces of Art.
    • Price and size available when clicking on it.
    • Top packaging and Fast delivery all around the World.
    • Mail me now to reserve your picture and i’ll propose you a secure payment and a discount if you allready purchased one of my art.
    • Buy now !


luas painting 11-15.jpgthe bookworm.JPGthe_dublin_bus.JPGthe_poll.JPGdublin north dublin south.JPGcctv.JPGthe_chameleon_country.JPGveggie_market.JPGthe_sos.JPGthe_herald_boy.JPG20080410_crosswords_in_the_square.jpgstairway_to_shopping.JPGthe_bicycle_man.jpgCancer 80 x 80 cm.JPGles voiles la carene la poupe 4x 50 x 50 cm.jpgles gemeaux 50 x 50 cm.jpgle sagitaire 50 x 50 cm.jpgle cygne 50 x 50 cm.jpgle dauphin 50 x 50 cm.jpgle dragon 50 x 50 cm.jpgtapenails & scisordile 50 x 50 cm.jpgRose fragrance 50 x 50 cm.jpgHair 50 x 50 cm.jpg

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