108-freddy-mercury.jpg One line Portrait [2011-Now]

Take a closer look to the portrait and follow the line…. then you will start to see objects, shapes, stories and many others particularities linked to the personnality.



The continuous lines [2010]

The continuous line serie is a new adventure taking place in the streets, with performance paintings done regularily in front of a captived audience. The concept is to draw the picture inside the picture of famous star including the biography, highlights, with one line.

The style could be described as a mixture of Andy Warhol work with a duo-tone picture of the character and the inside work could be linked to a sophisticated Keith Haring work : just one line and infinite characters, silouhettes and other fancy stuff.

The first painting of the continuous line serie was done in 2009, but the merging of the technic with the portrait drawing was done in May 2010 for the first time in Kerry (Ireland), when i first tried to use indian ink with a stick of wood (recycled painting brush). The idea was to keep the technique simple : one line, one color, and that’s it!

The silent World [2009]

The silent World is an underwater experience about the silent World of the fish. The whole series is based on fish characters with human behavior. Originally started with Big size canvas, representing the crowd effects, the series have been evolving towards much smaller work including an original background pattern like the aboriginal drawings : little dots and shapes done with a stick end. Buyers and collectors called the artworks as lucky charm, the kind of thing a St Brigid cross can bring to your home. All testified that painting by the painting make them smile.

Ottawa, Canada [2009]

Short break in Canada where i have been sketching the city. It happens in november, the weather was quiet cold and the outdoor work wasn’t that easy. The selection of work is based on razing winter light throughout the streets of the capital and an extensive research and art creation about the north American aboriginal Art.

“Plein Air “Oil paintings [2008-2010]

Theses two years in Ireland were essentially based on Painting the Irish capital scape, with a major work throughout the Dublin North-side. A collection of 25 Oil paintings have been done plein-air and i was facing the difficulties to paint in the rain, wind, hail and the infinite variety of Irish weathers.

Live performance in Dublin [2008]

Brand new style here where I paint in the streets. Original Content only inspired by the life in Dublin. The paintings were like modern art done in the streets of Dublin. A very tremendous work based on Acrylic paint during a 3-4hours performance. the subject of the painting was done according to the location of the easel. 12 Paintings have been done through theses few months.


San Fransisco Downtown [2007]

5 days in San Fransisco for sketching and getting the essence of this city. I wander in the streets with my sketching books and a digital pocket recorder.


Finistere (Brittany) [2002-2003]

I moved for my job in Brittany. I was in Brest, where I had lot of time for music and painting. I did lot of copycats of impressionist and paintings in campaign on the seashores, including landscapes, ships vessels and typical buildings from Brittany.


Vert le Petit (France) [2001-2005]

Vert le petit is a small place in the South of Paris (35km). I grew up here and started my first outdoors paintings here, on the shore of the “Essonne” River and ponds, and forest parc around.


image0.jpg Abstracts Painting [2011]

Theses abstract paintings are usually made during mass production painting of a serie (the « fish » serie or the « one line » serie), it helps me to explore new artistics ways and prepare the ground for my next projects.


overview-reaching-the-stars.jpg Chalk on pavement [2010]

My « Chalk on pavement » crusade started in 2010 after months of plein-air work whith trveling with all my oil stuff and canvas in the wind. I decided then this time to go with something very light : a chalk.
So here are some pictures of what you can do with one chalk….

All theses Originals pictures are not available for purchase and are all disolve by rain by now !

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