Furiously French

  Selling on the internet is full of surprises. I’ve sod in many different countries so far and generally, there are good surprises, and more rarely there are very odd stories like this one…

This is the email i got during a sale on Ebay :

- “Pourquoi un sèche cheveux dans un dessin représentant Claude François ?”

- (“Why a hairdryer in the drawing of Claude Francois ?”)

I simply answered that it was a very common picture to see Claude Francois dying in his bathtube whith an electric hairdryer. I assume it wasn’t a very accurate biograhic-picture as it was one of the first, made uniquely from my own memories.

So, i received a very straight forward reply by this kind ebayer :

- “Sèche cheveux, vibromasseur…. Cela fait 34 ans qu’on entend ces inepties. NON IL A VOULU REDRESSER UNE APPLIQUE.Rien que pour cela je n’achèterai pas votre dessin et je vais me faire un devoir de le déconseiller.”

- (Hair-dryer, Dildo… 34 years of totally idiotic remarks. No, I was fixing up a wall light. And just because of this i won’t buy your drawing and i will have a duty to not recommand it !)


So if you want some funny stories, the one country able to do it is the French one ….. Furiously french as i said…


At least, everyone’s know that he died while fixing a dild… no a wall lamp on the wall.

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