Furiously Belgian

I recently receive a mail from this furious frenchman, explaining how bad was my transcription of the life of Claude Francois, the iconic singer.

I recently sell a picture of the icon to a belgian fan and it appears to be that she offers it to Claude francois’ son “Coco”.

Here is the mail of the cloclo fan :

“Bonjour, juste pour vous dire que j’ai offert le dessin de Claude François à son fils hier lors d’une séance de dédicaces…il a apprécié…..il a dit que c’était très original et très bien fait. Merci de m’avoir donné cette occasion de faire plaisir…. Cordialement

“Hi, just to say that iv’ve offered the drawing to Claude Francois’son yesterday during a signing session, he really appreciate it and said it was original and well done. Thanks you for giving me this change to please somebody…regards,


Well, i rather like the Claude francois belgian’s fans indeed !



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