“The less you have tools, the more innovative you are”.
I see Art as bringing something new to the audience with using a Do-It-Yourself approach, especially using a minimal set of tools.
I also like to work in Public spaces, breaking the imaginary fences around the “Art” word, bringing my studio to the audience. This interraction has a big impact on my creation process : most of the time, some live events are painted in my pictures, making each painting unique and full of stories.

How I became an Artist ?

I used to work in Research Engineering in France but was more interrested into doing art, so i decided to make the big step and work my life this way, I officially work as artist painter since January 2008.


Education / Artist Training

I am a self taught artist, it means that i’ve never attended any art school or art lessons. I try to behave the simplest way : the instinctive way. I started to paint in 2000 as a hobby, with copying impressionism artist such as Monet, Van Gogh, etc and few years later, i’m performing in the Streets and selling my Art Worldwide. See below all the Evolution of my art.

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