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pierre emmanuel godet artist painter
pierre emmanuel - live painting - Dublin 2008 -

My name is Pierre Emmanuel and you are on my website “Pagazine” wich is the contraction of Pierre’s Magazine.

My story is a little bit intricate like the doodles i currently do in my portrait pictures. When i decided to quit my day job in 2008 and move to Dublin, i didn’t have a proper style, neither degree in Art but i’m selftaught and passionate !
It took me years and different styles to finally find the idea of the biographical portrait wich is my proper and unique style.

But before this era, i’ve been roaming a lot and did change jobs lots of time, if you are curious enough, you will find in my websites post stamped in 2005-2006 when i started this website, picture of my first paintings, my first songs, events and what i really do to finaly arrive here in 2014 in Barcelona (and the journey isn’t finished !)

Questions from a 15 year Old Girl

This is a mail i received from a 15yo Girl, and my answers that i share with her and you :

I am writing as I am currently doing my GCSE's and as part of this must choose three artists to do studies on. Along with Picasso and Alexander Calder I have chosen you. I have some questions which I was hoping you could answer for me;

When were you born?
What is your life story?
Do you have family?
Did you use designs sketches or photographs to help with your work?
Do you do any planning before doing a piece or do you dive into it?
What skills do you feel you need to do one of your pieces? 

I hope you can take the time to answer my questions as I have great interest in your work and hope to recreate one of your pieces by using wire and doing a wire drawing.

Kind regards, Ellie Payter
Catmose College
Age 15

When where you born ?

I was born in 1979 and grew up in a little town called “Vert-le-petit” 40km at the south of Paris.

What is your life story ?

When you are youngm adults often ask you what you want to be in the future, well i didn’t knew at this time that i would become artist, it came later. What i liked was tractors, so told that i wanted to drive tractors ! But adults asked me again as driving tractors doesn’t seems to be sufficient, then i said, “searcher”, but searcher on a tractor !

So i did make my school till 17′s, still searching for an idea of job for my future. With a consistent lack of idea about that, i made a diploma in Physics, with high chances of finding a job after this 2 years technical qualification like my great brother do. Then as i did well at this school i continue in Engineering school of Micro-electronics, like my great brother do.

And finally at the end of my school years, i started to have free time at home, so i started to paint. I remember the first picture i done was a copy of Monet poppies into replace the chocolate box standing on a furniture in my parents home. I wanted a real canvas instead of this chocolate box.

Then i was working in electronics and computer, but after day work, i was painting at home, hours and hours, still copying masters like monet, van gogh, modigliani. More in landscapes and oil painting. As i’m selftaught, i did learn by myself like i did for music but all other things. I’m curious and selftaught so i’m always learning new things.

The big step was when we decided to move to Ireland in 2008. My wife found a position there and i decided to quit my job to the big adventure of Artist. It took me years to find a proper style, to understand how Artmarket works, to realise that i should make a living without the help of a gallery. I’ve been doing plein air painting, did Street Artist in citycenter with a littel money box (robbed several time with my money inside). then we moved to Barcelona where all the street performances are prohibited, so i started to sell on the internet and i’m starting to make a living of my Art.

Do you have family ?

Yes, I have a wonderfull wife and a little 3Year auld boy.

Did you use designs sketches or photographs to help with your work?

Well, i’ve improved the technic for doing my drawings. the firstconcept was to do a continuous line drawing without special shape, and when i wanted to make a general shape, it became more and more complicated.

I’ve been through lot of D.I.Y solutions and here is my process : i start to look for a picture on the internet, but i try tu use picture difficult to find now, with caping pictures from video for example. then i take the picture and do lot of photo filtering, using my aul version of photoshop. I basically do a stencil in black and white, but it requires lot of time and experimentation : there isn’t a 1 sec done computer solution. then i can print a stencil on paper and use it on my backlight table to draw on my art paper.

Here is the work for the “far view”

The concept of little stories inside the whole picture require lot of concentration, i called it the work of “close view”.

And doing the two exercices together, so drawing without stencil is too much complicated to handle for my brain. Maybe one day, but at this time this is really really hard to do.

Do you do any planning before doing a piece or do you dive into it?

Well, all the little pictures inside the big one are made according to the biography of the subject, so before starting or durong the drawing, i keep reading biography, have a look at the wikipaedia, video, fan pages, pictures,etc… this is a work i need to do into make a correct transcription of the personnality. what i prefer is to get special fun stories i could draw them inside the picture.

What skills do you feel you need to do one of your pieces?

I think the skills i use for doing the artwork are :

Curiosity : my best pictures are those where i’ve been able to find lot of items to include inside the picture, they are pictures that tell a story. the worst picture i’ve done are thoses of people i’ve not been deep enough in their biography. It also takes me ages to finish.

Imagination : I need this one into make transcription of text into drawing. Like a cartoonist who need to search the best sketch to represent an idea.

Good handling of an Ink pen : I’ve been working 4 years using indian ink, drawing almost everyday, so i now can draw without making stains, without errors in my drawings. this skill come with practice.

D.I.Y : I made my backlight table with a champagne cardboard box, a recycled mirror, a glass coming from a fridge. Well you can use a professionnal backlight table for sure, but D.I.Y is a state of mind, maybe it’s why i’ve found this kind of art with mixing up different technics. A D:I.Y state of mind also driven by my curiosity and selftaught capabilities.



2 Responses to About the Artist

  1. Veronique dit :

    J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites j’ai déjà 4 de vos oeuvres jaimerai recevoir votre magazine via mon adresse mail indiquée ci-dessus. Merci a vous, bonne continuation, bonne année veronique

  2. Patrick Henry dit :

    Ma femme vient d’ecrire un livre sur le poete francais, Pierre Emmanuel. Est-ce que c’est votre grand-pere? Ce Pierre Emmanuel a donne un cours de poesie a Harvard pendant l’ete de 1953 and Leonard Cohen a suivi ce cours.

    Tres amicalement a vous,

    Patrick Henry

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